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Join the generosity movement

Experiencing transformation by connecting with others

If you are a high capacity Christian giver and our vision and mission resonate with you, we invite you to join our network and get first-hand experience of what we do.


Join our collaborative initiatives

Our collaborative initiatives create opportunities for global and European Christian funders to come together for fellowship, encouragement, inspiration and learning. Join us for the EGCC Prague Summit to experience a sense of community around a purpose or the EGCC Marketplace for the joy of collaborative giving. 


Host a Journey of Generosity

One excellent way to begin developing a group of interested donors is through hosting Journeys of Generosity around the country. The Journey of Generosity, developed by Generosity Path ( is a 24-hour retreat experience that we have found to be the most effective way to shape givers’ hearts.


Join or start a giving collaboration

As Journeys of Generosity spread throughout your country, some of the participants will be interested in staying connected to a generous group of Christians. If God is calling you to reach out to those who have expressed interest, connect with them to see whether there is an opportunity to start a givers collaboration in your country or region. Or if you’re just looking for a group of like-minded givers where you can mutually encourage one another to grow in generosity and wisdom, you may consider joining an existing Christian givers collaboration in your country or region. Feel free to contact us at in case you have any questions.

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