Ukraine Relief Fund



In light of the horrific crisis in Ukraine, EGCC has joined forces with the 3W Foundation in the creation of a relief fund designated to support primarily relief and rescue efforts for the people of Ukraine through our long-term trusted Christian partner organizations who are the hands and feet of Jesus on the ground as they live out the Gospel in real times.


The funds raised are funneled through a number of our long-term trusted Christian partner organizations and are primarily targeting the below areas:

Focus areas

1. Transportation

      • Evacuating civilians to safe areas (oftentimes this means getting them across the border to the neighboring countries such as Poland, Czech Rep., Romania, Slovakia and the Baltic States).

2. Humanitarian aid

      • For refugees escaping UA and internally displaced people (provision of food, clothes and other necessary care)
      • For churches, ministry facilities and other centers housing refugees
      • Medical supplies for Ukrainian hospitals

3. Assistance to the Ukrainian refugees in their new “homes”

      • Provision of health care, social insurance, visa and embassy visits assistance as many people don’t have passports, spiritual and mental care etc.

Partner organizations

The below listed organizations have been our long-term trusted partners. They cooperate with over 400 churches and a large number of Christian organizations across Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. They monitor the situation on the ground, respond swiftly and often sacrificially to the ever changing needs, have their staff deliver necessary humanitarian and financial aid, and coordinate evacuation and housing efforts. We get reports of the Gospel being shared in bomb shelters and even of people repenting and trusting Christ in the midst of this darkness.

We believe that these organizations are doing a wonderful job in responding quickly, flexibly and with proper means to this crisis situation:

    • Josiah Venture has been active in Eastern & Central Europe for 20+ years. They have close relational connections with churches, pastors and Christian leaders in 15 countries across Central & Eastern Europe.
    • Ewangeliczna Polska is a network of 60 organizations & denominations from all over Poland. Their close ties with churches and Christian organizations in Poland positions them to be one of our strategic partners in Poland, which is the #1 country where most refugees currently flee to.
    • Sports Catalyst has catalyzed and maintained sports movements in Eastern Europe and Ukraine since 2007. They are a part of a significant partnership of sports ministry agencies, organizations, and churches that has raised workers across 87 locations to serve the evacuation of women, children, orphans, and the physically challenged. 
    • Based on the immediate need, a portion of the funds raised may also be distributed to other trusted organizations which we believe are responding to the crisis in Ukraine in an excellent way and are making a real difference in the lives of people affected by the war.


As we acknowledge the seriousness of the situation in Ukraine, we are aware of the long-term consequences this crisis will have on Ukraine as a country. We realize that this crisis will have to be addressed in the upcoming months, and even years. Therefore, we are figuring out both a mid-term and long term strategy to properly respond to the pressing issues Ukraine is and will be facing in the nearest future.