European Great Commission Collaboration (“EGCC“) is an informal network of like-minded Christian givers who want to resource God’s Kingdom in Europe. The Charity Directory (“Platform“) is a platform provided by EGCC to allow charities to promote themselves to givers in a way that allows the givers to make their own decisions on giving.

We recognize the importance of establishing a clear and transparent Code of Conduct (“Code“) with which we engage in relationship with each participant in our various initiatives. As an entity working to promote global giving, it is incumbent on us to set the highest standards and be exemplary in our relationships. 

This Code highlights the principles which participants in the EGCC community believe to be our reasonable expectations. The principles of this Code are expressed in broad statements to guide ethical decision making. These statements provide a framework; they cannot and do not dictate conduct to cover particular situations.

Principle #1 – We will respect others’ rights and dignity.

We are a community that thrives in relationship with one another. We will respect that relationship with other members and their rights and opinions, just as we expect them to respect our rights and opinions.

We want to see impactful relationships and connections occur through participation in the EGCC community. We ask that sensitivity in solicitation be maintained when interacting with fellow members. Unless individuals mutually agree, members, attendees, relatives, or guests of on-line and in-person discussions and events hosted by EGCC are prohibited from soliciting, promoting, or selling investments, services, or charitable contributions to other participants during an event or using their affiliation with EGCC to harass or disturb other participants in the EGCC community after an event.

Principle #2 – We will act with Integrity.

As a participant in the EGCC Community, we will strive to consistently act with integrity to our beliefs and to the principles of EGCC. We will:

      • Act with integrity, competence, diligence, respect and in an ethical manner with every individual and organization we interact with personally and/or professionally;
      • Place the integrity of the giver or charity and the interests of clients above our own personal interests; and
      • Maintain and improve our professional competence and strive to encourage and improve the competence of others in the generosity space.
Charity Directory

A unique part of the EGCC is the Charity Directory. To guide the community, there are several principles that all participants must acknowledge and agree to follow:


Clear Expectations – You agree that you will be intentional in your conversations with potential charities. We understand that the giving process is different for every giver, but we ask that you only pursue conversations with charities in which you have a legitimate interest in potentially giving, that you continue those discussions in a timely manner, and that you explicitly inform the potential charity when you have decided whether or not to give.

Confidential Information – All information that you’re accessing as a giver is privileged and confidential. You’re accessing financials of the charity and you are committed to keeping this to you, your advisor and other givers on the network.

Charities, Gift Planners and Partners

Truthfulness and Updating Information – All information that you upload to the Platform and that you provide with any potential information needs to be truthful. If information that you have previously provided becomes incorrect, or if your funding needs change or are fulfilled, you will update your information promptly and reach out to any givers still considering a donation to update them.

Communication – The Platform is established as a charity directory for givers to be able to review a wide variety of potential donations and contact any charities that they are interested in. As a result, we ask that you not initiate contact with any givers.

Confidential Information – All information that is on the site, including the identity of a giver or Champion, is confidential. You agree not to share the identity with any such persons that are not publicly identified as part of the EGCC Community.

Violation of the Code

All EGCC community members agree to abide by the Code. EGCC takes the trust placed in us by our community seriously and we believe it is important to protect our community from “Bad Actors” or people who violate this Code. In the case that one on one reconciliation is not initially possible, first time offenders of the Code will be contacted by a member of EGCC leadership and will be given the opportunity to reconcile the situation with both parties. If the situation is not reconciled, the offender will be asked to meet with the EGCC leadership team and the offended party. If the offender is still unable to reconcile the situation or create resolution, the individual will no longer be in good standing/fellowship with the EGCC community or permitted to to use the charity directory until a process of repentance and restoration occurs.